All-Inclusive RPM & CCM Services

Improve patient outcomes and increase revenue at no additional cost using 9XMED's full service for a Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management Solution

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient care, and facilitate communication with your patients

Generate More Revenue

With a professional billing service to increase revenue generated from existing patients

Full Service

9XMED will provide all patient onboarding, monitoring vitals, and billing of CPT codes


9XMED is dedicated to simplifying Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) for patients and providers. So, you can obtain new revenue streams, lower hospital readmissions, reduced patient expenses, and eventually produce higher patient outcomes.

Benefitting Patients & Providers

We work with healthcare organizations by providing them everything necessary to launch a successful RPM and CCM program, such as medical devices, monitoring services, and professional billing. In turn, this empowers providers to increase revenue while improving patient satisfaction at no additional cost.

Full-Service Remote Patient Monitoring

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    Onboarding Your Patients

    We work with you to seamlessly integrate your established patients within the Remote Patient Monitoring system. We send medical devices directly to the patients with training guides on how to use them. 

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    Collect & Monitor Data

    We have a dedicated team consisting of qualified healthcare professionals to monitor transmitted medical device readings to ensure optimal patient health. Our team also offers alerts management if medical readings surpass pre-established thresholds. 

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    Patient Compliance

    Our team personally reaches out to patients to ensure 16 reading days are achieved each month in order to successfully bill for CPT code 99454.

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    Our detailed billing reports are optimized to be correctly submitted to ensure you collect what you are owed from Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurances. Some of the CPT codes which are billed are 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458 on your behalf to make sure you are paid on time.


Why Choose 9xMED?

Complete Service

9XMED provides everything needed to streamline a successful RPM and CCM program - including patient support, enrollment, medical devices, and staff training.

No Upfront Costs

9XMED covers all upfront costs associated with initiating and running an RPM and CCM program, including equipment and software.

Monitoring Service

9XMED offers providers the opportunity to utilize our team of qualified healthcare professionals to monitor RPM and CCM data - so your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Generate More Revenue With Less Workload

9XMED provides a successful RPM and CCM program by professionals to correctly submit billing reports on your behalf to make sure you are paid without adding medical staff.

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